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  • Flexibility, technological development and practicality combined with the award-winning design, are some of the elements that characterize the new generation of DIGI scales. It is based on computer technology (PC Based) and bears the signature of the largest manufacturer of retail weighing systems in the world, DIGI TERAOKA SEIKO JAPAN.
  • The new line is an advanced solution for retail stores.
  • Weighing capacity with double subdivision: 15kg with subdivision 2 / 5g or 30kg with subdivision 5 / 10g (defined upon order).
  • Operating system: LINUX.
  • CPU: ARM CORTEX A9 528MHz.
  • RAM: 512MB DDR3.
  • SYSTEM MEMORY: 8GB (Built in).
  • Visible memories:
  • Primary: a) 200 keys for direct dialing of codes or functions per group, up to 10 groups (7 pages of 30 keys per page) b) 200 keys for direct dialing of operators or functions.
  • Secondary: 100 direct dial keys for categories or groups or macros (100 keys on 10 pages of 10 keys per page).
  • Operators: Possibility to register 9999 operator names.
  • Print details on the label:
  • Description of the weighed item PLU up to 4 lines.
  • PLU number.
  • Price per kilo or piece.
  • Weight in kilograms.
  • Value in euros.
  • Tare.
  • Barcode (EAN13, EAN128).
  • Ingredients up to 15 lines.
  • Special messages up to 8 lines.
  • Dates (Weighing-Consumption up to).
  • Weighing time.
  • Icons.
  • Discount.
  • Texts (eg Keep at 2ºC).
  • Traceability of meat.
  • Nutritional value.
  • Store name up to 3 lines.
  • Allergenic ingredients with clear distinction.
  • Frozen catches.
  • 7΄΄ Touch Operator Screen. 7΄΄ color touch screen with 10 mechanical keys, friendly to the operator and adaptable to the needs of each company. It has an adjustable screen tilt angle for better visibility and operation. The operator does not need to memorize PLU codes because he can now navigate the codes much more easily and quickly, improving the way of selling and serving a larger number of customers.
  • Customer screen 7΄΄. 7΄΄ customer color screen, with the ability to play photos in slideshow format, view information about offers, promote combined sales and product advertising.
  • Thermal sticker printer with rice paper or paper tape. The maximum print width is 60mm while the speed reaches 150mm / s.
  • New ergonomic design with detachable cassette for fast label roll feeding.
  • Thermal paper tape printing with a printing width of 56mm. Print speed: 150mm / s. Ability to print sales reports, operator reports, etc.
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